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Location Map

Map showing the geographical
location of the Naze

Kite Flying

Kite Flying by the Naze Tower
- Courtesy of Naze Tower

Naze Tower

Naze Tower
- Photograph by Nigel Pepper

Educational Field Trip

Educational field trip to the Naze
- Courtesy of Naze Tower

Rough Winter Sea

Rough Winter sea at the Naze
- Photograph by Sarah White





The Naze Protection Society (NPS) is a registered charity that aims to celebrate, promote and preserve the ‘Naze’, the most easterly peninsular in the Tendring area located at Walton-on-the-Naze, Essex.


Designated a ‘public open space’ the Naze is well used by all ages for informal and formal learning and recreational purposes, it is estimated over 140,000 people visit the site every year from the region, the UK and abroad. Educational visits to the Naze by primary school to university and specialist groups are estimated at over 20,000 students per year.

The Naze is an environmental heritage site designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) incorporating 55 million year old fossil bearing cliffs that are internationally recognised and designated a SSSI for their geological value.

The Naze Tower, a unique grade 2* listed 18th century navigational tower open to the public as a heritage and cultural attraction is sited at the Naze, there are also numerous walks, beaches and a nature reserve.

These assets make the Naze an important and popular public resource that adds to the quality of life.

Coastal Erosion

Coastal erosion in action on the unprotected Naze cliffs - Courtesy of NPS

The Future of the Naze & the Need for Action

The future of the Naze and the Naze Tower will be determined in the next few years by the management of the land. Action is required ASAP - otherwise the unique Naze landscape will be compromised by coastal erosion; there are no sea defences at the Naze.

The NPS has forged a Partnership with Essex Wildlife Trust (EWT) who are now the lead organisation and Tendring District Council (TDC) in order to secure a future for the Naze.

Cliff Fall at the Naze

Cliff fall at the Naze - Courtesy of NPS

This can be achieved by delivering two integrated projects Crag Walk and the Naze Heritage Project. Fundraising is being undertaken in the public, corporate and private sectors as funding from government is not forthcoming for these projects and time is of the essence.

For the latest information and updates visit the News section.

Naze Tower nears the cliff edge

Cliff edge and Naze Tower - Courtesy of NPS

Banner Photo (top of page)

A view of the Naze from the top of the Naze Tower - Photograph by Nigel Pepper



Tel: 01255 676868

Registered Charity No: 1064011

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